Corruption, misconduct and improper behaviour at centre of probe at Public Service Department


President David Granger has commissioned a Board of Inquiry (BoI) into the dismissal of three workers of the Department of Public Service.

The dismissal of the contract workers was rescinded and they were sent on administrative leave.

Minister of State, Mrs. Dawn Hastings- Williams Friday presented the Instrument of Appointment to Mr. Lance Carberry, who will be heading the Inquiry. Mr Carberry has one week to present his findings to President Granger.

“Minister Hastings-Williams said the President has directed that the (Board of Inquiry) be commissioned to investigate the allegations of misconduct, corruption and improper behaviour against named public servants within the Department of Public Service,” the Ministry of the Presidency stated.

“This is against the backdrop of purported services of certain staff within that Department and recent events, which have been reported in the media.

“(Carberry) will advise the state on the veracity of allegations of corruption, misconduct and improper behaviour against the named staff and will additionally, make recommendations on any matter of concern arising from this investigation and make any recommendations as it deems fit and appropriate in the public’s interest,” the Minister was quoted as saying.

The Minister of State said the investigation will be done in a fair and professional manner and she is confident that an unbiased report will be presented to the Government.

However, she said it is important that witnesses co-operate with the Chairman of the Board and be open and honest in their interaction.

“I can assure the nation of the integrity of the Board. They can expect a fair and unbiased report. This Inquiry, I am sure, will be conducted to the highest professional standards.

“It is vital for witnesses to give their testimonies. I urge all witnesses to cooperate.

“The Government will provide all resources necessary to support the work of the (Inquiry),” the Minister said.

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