Man killed in gruesome accident identified


The News Room understands that the motorcyclist involved in the gruesome accident on Vlissengen Road, has been identified as Mark Sauers of Paradise Housing Scheme on the East Coast of Demerara.

Sauers and a pillion rider were proceeding at a fast rate of speed when they crashed into a Route 40 minibus just outside of the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown.

Sauers died on the spot and, according to eyewitnesses, his body was almost severed in two while one of his arms ended up inside the minibus; the pillion rider was rushed to a city hospital.

The driver of the minibus, Mr. Pancham, said he was heading to the Stabroek park with about four passengers and his son Junior, who worked as the conductor, when the accident occurred.

The driver and his son were traumatized at the scene; they both said that the motorcycle slammed into them. No one in the minibus was injured.

“Yall don’t understand how I feeling, [to] know I was going 20 to 30 mph and the man was coming 100-120…and now I gotta be the one who gotta face the music,” the driver said.

Eyewitnesses told the News Room that neither the motorcyclist nor the pillion rider were wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

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