Harmon’s comments do not override PM’s decision to reinstate Sherod Duncan


See below statement issued by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo:

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo reiterates that his directive to the former Chairman of the Board of the Guyana National Newspapers Ltd is for the decision to dismiss Mr. Sherod Duncan as General Manager (ag) to be rescinded.

However, the Board has not done so and the Chairperson and three members have since resigned.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo is in the process of reconstituting the Board, after which the matter concerning the status of Mr. Duncan will be considered by the newly constituted Board.

The Prime Minister remains firmly of the view that the issue of the reinstatement of Mr. Duncan has to be the subject of a decision based on due process and procedural fairness. Such a decision must be based on the matter being put to a vote, which was not the case when Mr. Duncan was deemed to have been dismissed.

The Prime Minister fully supports the explanations given by Director General Joseph Harmon, and these in no way negativise or over-ride the Prime Minister’s directive.

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