GOLD CUP: “We want that next step”- Coach Johnson


Since Concacaf Nations League Qualifying earlier this year, Guyana’s Head Coach Michael Johnson has spoken all about “daring to dream.”

As Guyana wraps up preparations for the country’s first-ever Concacaf Gold Cup match, against the United States at Allianz Field in St. Paul, Minnesota, tonight from 22:00h, those words have taken on an even greater meaning.

“When you dream,” Johnson said during Monday’s pre-match press conference, “sometimes your dreams can give you magnificent ideas. I know people in the business world who talk about their dreams with a real sense of creation, helping them create things that are different and unique.”

“When we say dare to dream,” Johnson continued, “it’s about creating things that have never been created. When we qualified for this tournament, we did something that had never been done before. We made the impossible possible. We’re here because the players bought into that courage to dream.”

“We’re greedy though,” Johnson said with a laugh. “Now we want that next step.”

Qualifying for the Gold Cup was certainly a dream in and of itself. As the reality of it all now sets in, Guyana will take to the pitch and compete at the highest level in the region, hoping to harness that creativity that could yield success in the tournament. The players and coaches are also well aware of the opportunity, and what it all means.

“For us to put Guyana on a world platform,” said captain Sam Cox. “Tens of millions of people are now going to know the name of our country. For me, that was a dream from the day I stepped into the programme.”

“I feel like we could upset some teams,” Cox said. “We’re going to quietly go about our business and see where this dream takes us.” (Concacaf)

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