Social Cohesion Ministry donates cricket gear, guitars to Waramuri Mission


Minister of Social Cohesion with Responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. George Norton, recently made three sets of donations to the village of Waramuri Mission, located in the Moruca Sub-Region, Region One.

The donations, which comprised mostly cricket gear and guitars, were made just hours after Minister Norton returned from an outreach in the region.

The items were officially handed over to Sestus Williams, during a simple engagement at Minister Norton’s Office on Main Street in Georgetown, earlier in the month.

The first donation consisted of a complete kit of cricket gear for the Silver Sands Sports Club. The kit included bats, balls, stumps, batting and fielding pads, etc.

The second donation comprised of a complete kiddies cricket kit for the children of Waramuri Mission. Like the adult cricket kit, this also comprised bats, balls, stumps, etc.

The third donation saw two guitars being presented to serve the village of Haimaracabra, which is the satellite area for Waramuri.

Williams, a former Village Councillor and Head Teacher, who now serves as the Secretary to the Silver Sands Sports Club, is confident that the donated equipment will go a far way in promoting healthier and more constructive pastimes for the community’s young people.

“It will help to keep our youths away from bad habits, like the rum drinking and so on,” Williams said.

According to Williams, the new gear, coupled with a recent upgrade of the community’s playground, is likely to rekindle young people’s interest in sports.

“We are very thankful for this donation as we continue working towards the development of sports in the community,” Williams noted.

In addition to cricket, football is also a much loved sport in Waramuri. Williams has also engaged Minister Norton with regard to the steady presence of a coach in the village.

Minister Norton is a staunch advocate for sports and music as means of cultivating rounded personalities. (Ministry of Social Cohesion)

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