Another victim dies in Wakapoa mystery illness; PM on first victim inconclusive


Seventy-six-year-old Edward Richards, a resident of Wakapoa, Region 2, died on Wednesday afternoon at the Georgetown Public Hospital five days after he and other family members were hospitalised.

Richards is the second victim to have died from a mystery illness; his daughter, 38-year-old Selema Thomas, died on Monday.

Three other family members remain hospitalised including Selema’s husband Richard Thomas, her brother Gavin Richards and father-in-law Oscar Phillips.

The entire family became ill after reportedly eating pepperpot and cassava bread on June 10.

The News Room was informed by relatives that a post mortem performed on Selema’s body Wednesday was inconclusive and samples were taken for further testing overseas.

Dead is Selema Thomas

“No results, they can’t find anything…they can’t find the real cause of death yet,” the relative told the News Room.

The relative further noted that doctors gave them a prescription to buy medication for cyanide poisoning.

Cyanide is released from natural substances in some foods and in certain plants such as cassava, lima beans and almonds.

“But I am seeing on Gavin [prescription], we get a thing to buy medication and it showing cyanide poisoning so I don’t know,” the relative said.


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