Granger, Jagdeo meeting unlikely before Monday


President David Granger is yet to dispatch a letter to the Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo requesting a meeting on the recent rulings by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon has hinted that the meeting is unlikely before Monday because the Government is yet to formulate a way forward.

After ruling that December 21, 2018, No Confidence Motion is valid, CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders on Tuesday urged the parties to engage with each other ahead of June 24 when the court will reconvene to give its consequential orders.

It is hoped that they can come up with a consensus that the Court can then use to make its consequential orders.

However, Harmon told the media at the sidelines of an event at the University of Guyana on Thursday that the letter to the Opposition Leader requesting a meeting will be sent later today, noting that the meeting will “certainly…have to be at the convenience of both parties.”

“It is in the interest of Guyana that the leaders meet so we didn’t have to wait on an order from the CCJ to tell us that we should meet,” Harmon told reporters.

According to Harmon, the CCJ did not set a time frame for the meeting and repeated that “our leaders will meet at their convenience when it is convenient for them.”

The Director-General said while the Government has met, it has not formulated its proposals on going forward.

“This is why we are very careful about inviting to a meeting because as long as you invite to a meeting, you need to have a very clear agenda,” Harmon said.

The former Minister of State, who accompanied President David Granger to the event at the University of Guyana, argued that Monday’s consequential orders will serve as explanations for the initial rulings.

“We have had a discussion on it but the consequential orders will elaborate on the preliminary orders that were given.

“We have to determine what is in our best interest as a nation and so the two leaders will meet but they have to have a very clear agenda,” he added.

Harmon said if the Opposition asks for a meeting, the Government will also accept the invite and convene a meeting.

Following the passage of the No-Confidence motion, the President and Opposition Leader met on March 06, weeks before the three months deadline for the holding elections in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana was up.

That meeting ended without any agreement on a date for general elections as the President informed that he has written to GECOM to find out about its readiness to hold elections.

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