Drag Racing: Team Mohamed’s White GT-R ready to unleash

- capable of clocking high seven-seconds


By Akeem Greene

It is ready.

Team Mohamed’s white Nissan GT-R is tuned and working perfectly fine ahead of the highly anticipated explosion of speed come the second round of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) Drag Racing Championships at South Dakota Sunday.

The rain may have curtailed a full day of practice Friday, but it gave the Team ample time to ensure their beast, dubbed one of the fastest in the world, is mechanically ready to thrill the numerous fans.

At the last meet in March, the car did not compete due to mechanical issues, but according to the driver Terence Cox, it’s a different ballgame this time around.

“We are ready to go. We did a burnout this morning (Friday) and everything worked good. Just every issues we have last time, we already gone over, rechecked and we don’t have any issues now so we are ready to go out and make some passes in this car,” he explained.

“We worked all day, we worked from like from 10 in the morning to 3 at night and tuner Wayne Potts, he has been doing all the work. He replaced every single wire harness in the car, replaced all the ECU [Electronic Control Unit] in the car and put a power distribution into the car. We placed a little bit bigger tyres on it, but that is all we did different for this trip.”

Driver Terence Cox

Should the rain stay away and there is good enough track bite, the 2500HP should be able to clock in the vicinity of a high seven-seconds.

“This car should go a high seven. The car is capable of a six-second pass, but the surface here even with track bite, we just need a lot more rubber down to really adhere the tires to the track. With the track bite that we have, we will be able to achieve a high seven-second pass at pretty close to 200 miles per hour.”

With the black GT-R, Goliath, also in their arsenal, Team Mohamed’s holds the track record at the new quarter-mile strip, a blistering 8.584s.  On the previous 1000ft strip, the car held the record with a time of 7.52s.

“We want to come out and prove we are the best and anytime anyone starts to come anywhere close to us we are immediately buying new parts to go faster, we are always trying to make these cars go quicker,” Cox explained.

The team is yet to taste defeat, and many have tried, with the rail-car from Trinidad and Tobago making a run and the constant efforts of Shawn Persaud and his Toyota Caldina and now Balram Mechanics and their Altezza and Peter Daby’s collection of RX-7s.

They have withstood it all and the quest to dethrone them has impressed Cox.

“I love the competition.  When I started coming here a year and half ago, I can tell the competition has become a lot more competitive, everyone is building faster cars to compete with Team Mohamed’s and it’s making for really good drag racing here in Guyana.”

For Sunday’s event, tickets for adults cost $1000 and children $500. Action at South Dakota starts at 09:00h.

Additionally, GT Tuners, West Coast Customs Wash Bay and Imran Auto Works have combined to sponsor the reaction time prize. The driver with the fastest reaction will win US$100.

DEL Ice Co will also award prizes to the fastest 10-second ($200,000), 11-second ($150,000) and 12-second ($100,000).

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