Young father admits to robbery because he was ‘frustrated and needed milk money’


Jason Thomas, a 26-year-old clothes vendor on Monday admitted to City Magistrate Sherdel Isccas-Marcus that he stole a woman’s gold band because the mother of his children needed money for milk and he was frustrated.

Thomas, known as ‘Curl up’ of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara confessed that on June 22, 2019, at Regent and Wellington Street, Georgetown, stole a $120,000 gold band from Clairann Rambarran.

“I got two children and I was so frustrated when I woke up the morning my child mother called and she would summons me if I don’t get milk money by the afternoon,” Thomas told the court.

Police Prosecutor Adduni Inniss told the court that on the day in question at about 13:10hrs, the accused was walking next to the victim and her sister when he snatched the gold band off her hand.

The victim’s sister raised an alarm and nearby Police ranks arrested Thomas. He was searched and the gold band was recovered in his pants pocket.

“Everyone makes mistakes in life,” Thomas told the Magistrate who then replied, “You have your own choice to make.”

A probation officer told the court that Thomas claimed he was under the influence of alcohol when he snatched the women’s gold band.

The Magistrate adjourned the matter until July 8, 2019, for sentencing and a background report on Thomas.

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