Enmore fisherman badly beaten, robbed


A 36-year-old fisherman of Hope West, Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD)  has suffered a broken neck and a damaged spinal cord after he was attacked and badly beaten by bandits at about 21:00hrs on Thursday last.

The family is calling for justice as they are not satisfied with the police investigations.

Somdatt Singh was beaten to the head and back by the three men as he was returning home after selling fish; he was robbed of $20,000.

“Thursday night he was coming home from the seawall, he went and sell fish and the guys on the road they lash he in on he head and rob he and them start to tramp he,” his wife, Amiena Singh told the News Room Wednesday

According to Amiena, the family knows one of the suspects as he usually spends time with her husband.

Somdatt was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted and subsequently discharged on Tuesday.

“The doctor told me that he neck break and he spinal cord damage,” Amiena said.

She said her husband is now unable to do anything for himself. Amiena said Somdatt is walking with assistance from their 17-year-old son.

“He walking but he can’t straighten he self and walk because they cast he whole belly, he neck and he head all cast,” Amiena said.

She added that Somdatt is the family’s sole source of income.

She said her husband worked as cane cutter but since the closure of the estate, he started fishing.

The matter is being investigated by Police, however, the family is not satisfied with the pace of the investigation.

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