Plans afoot to enhance fan experience at South Dakota


In the near future fans of motorsports in Guyana can look forward to better accommodation, an improved surface and more competitive drag racing, according to president of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club President, Rameez Mohamed.

After completing the construction of a much-needed launch pad for drag racing, Mohamed and his team now turn their attention to enhancing the fan experience at South Dakota.

The plan is to build more stands which have facilities to cater for most needs. Proper accommodation for patrons has long been an issue, one which the GMR&SC is keenly looking to address.

“My aim was to improve racing, and have the launch pad and everything get going, and now we have that, we will start to improve on spectators’ facilities by putting in stands, VIP booth; we are now starting the work to reach that,” Mohamed explained.

Those comments came on Sunday, after the club hosted the second round of the Drag Racing Championships at South Dakota. Mohamed deemed the event highly successful.

GMR&SC President Rameez Mohamed

The president was further enthused about the rise in the level of competition.

“Everyone is getting faster because of the launch pad; you are now able to put more power down to the ground. We had rain over the last couple of days, and we did not get to prep with enough track bite. Come in August it will be more competitive event. A lot of people will be able to put more power down because we will be able to prep the track properly.”

Looking ahead, August 25 is expected to bring competitors from across the Caribbean region and Suriname and it is expected to be a scorcher given the blazing times of Sunday, in less than desirable conditions leading up to race day.

The meet saw Team Mohamed’s Nissan GT-R Godzilla shattering the track record. The explosion of speed was recorded at 8.099s on the clock in an unchallenged race to wipe out the 8.584s set by the black GT-R (Goliath) in March on the new quarter mile strip.

Both local and foreign competitors have set eyes on defeating the GT-R, but that seems a herculean task, with the white beast expected to hit low seven-second seconds at the next meet in August.

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