School dropouts empowered to sit CSEC in September


A total of 48 school dropouts will in September write the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams after being taught over the past two years at a night school in Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

To motivate the students, who had dropped out of school because of various circumstances, the Ministry of Social Protection in collaboration with the Night School on Wednesday hosted an empowerment forum.

It was held at the Department of Labour on Brickdam, Georgetown under the theme “Horizon to a Brighter Future.”

The Night School was started in 2016. At first, students were taught in five subjects but that has since increased to ten subjects.

In an effort to motivate participants, Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection with the responsibility for Labour, Keith Scott, shared stories of many highly accomplished Guyanese figures who did not attend high school.

“The biggest lawyer Guyana so far has produced is a man by the name of JOF Haynes; right now they are moving to have a law school set up called the JOF Haynes law school…that man never went to high school.”

Also speaking at the event was Senior Education Officer Amir Ali, who shared a brief motivational story.

Senior Education Officer Amir Ali

Ali asked students if they were aware of someone by the name of Einstein before saying that “Einstein is one of the most recognized scientists of his era and our time.”

“He was the one that would have provided and paved the way for all these technological advancements through his findings.

“Einstein’s personal life was not very publicized. You know why? Because he dropped out of school as youngster.

“He said the school system, the institutionalized manner of it, stifled him at the time but he still became the most successful scientists of our time.”

Coordinator of the Sophia CSEC Night School, Orin Nelson said that since the school was launched in 2016, 250 persons were registered.

“The atmosphere at the school is one that encourages a rewarding experience personally, academically and professionally,” Nelson said.

Coordinator of the Sophia CSEC Night School, Orin Nelson

“Our student population comprises of not only residents of the Sophia community but of all parts of Georgetown, East Coast, East Bank and the West Bank Demerara.”

He added: “Recognizing that we live in a time where many students leave school prematurely and of such run a risk of being unemployed and socially marginalized a positive option like the night school is an excellent initiative.”

The programme runs for a maximum of two years with a requirement of a $5,000 registration fee.

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