Police Force accuses the media of seeking to sully its image


The Guyana Police Force says that a recent flurry of articles in the media which points to corruption at the Force are aimed at sullying the image of the senior administration.

Instead of responding to an article carried in the June 27th edition of the Kaieteur News about handpicked appointments of several CID detectives, the Police Force in a statement late Thursday night said the article appears to focus on the “track record for certain individuals that suit their misleading analysis and rather deliberately obliterates the part of the records that reveal efficiency, commitment, effectiveness and crime solving capacity of the ranks.

“It ignores the concept of vindication or in some instances, redemption.”

The Police Force is of the view that the media is seeking to influence the public negatively towards the Force.

According to the statement, “notwithstanding these articles and the misleading views, the administration of the Guyana Police Force remains resolutely committed to its motto “Service and Protection” for all in the maintenance of public safety and also commits to the welfare and continued enhancement and development of its ranks, without exception.”

The Force’s Deputy Police Commissioner and Crime Chief Lyndon Alves was suspended until further notice on June 24, days after damning allegations of corruption were levelled against him by ranks of the force.

Recently, a number of police officers have spoken out about alleged corrupt practices and it was first revealed in the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News.

The Stabroek News reported that a group of junior ranks spoke out about a Lance Corporal and other senior ranks who were alleged to have been linked to a murder accused, Kelvin Shivgobin. Shivgobin was recently killed during a shootout with police in Black Bush Polder, Berbice.

It was alleged that their numbers were found stored and in the call log of the mobile phone of the dead man.

According to the Stabroek News, the senior officer was accused of protecting those ranks linked to the dead man as they purportedly aid him in his activities in the division.

The senior rank in question also reportedly accused two detective constables in ‘B’ Division of being sources behind news reports, which has resulted in them being transferred.

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