Family baffled as Presidential Guard remains unconscious


By Isanella Patoir

The 32-year-old Police Constable Winston Cooper who was found with severe injuries to his head early Monday morning remains in an unconscious state at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Cooper’s aunt, Sandra Peters told the News Room Tuesday that the family remains baffled about what happened.

Cooper of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, is stationed at the Presidential Guard and was found with injuries to the head at about 05:30hrs on the Mandela Avenue Public Road in the vicinity of the National Gymnasium.

Peters said her nephew usually walks to work and she would sometimes accompany him, but she did not do so on Monday.

“But the rain was falling so much, so I say nah meen going out deh,” the aunt said.

Peters told the News Room that Cooper was also found with injuries to both sides of the head, the right side of the body, his shoulder, elbows and fingers.

She said she woke up about 3:45hrs on Monday and checked her nephew’s room and found it empty; she figured he had already left for work and so she went back to sleep.

An hour later she was awoken by loud banging at the front door.

“I hear bap bap bap, police police…I say wah happen…and then they say police, something happen to [Cooper],” the aunt recalled.

She and Cooper’s mother, Lorraine Peters went directly to the hospital.

“The doctor said something happen to he head, like [clot] blood deh over he brain or something,” the aunt told the News Room.

While Cooper has not regained consciousness the aunt said he is somewhat responsive.

“When ya rub he foot, he pull up like he stretching but he eye ain’t opening.”

According to Peters, the doctors said Cooper’s injuries do not point to him being hit by a vehicle.

She explained that he only had $100 in his possession which was found in his hands when his body was discovered.

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