‘Melly Mel’ says she is innocent, slapped with $10M lawsuit by Balwant Singh’s Hospital


Melissa Atwell also known as ‘Melly Mel’ has been slapped with a $10M lawsuit by Dr Balwant Singh’s Hospital after she shared several posts on Facebook where alleged past patients and workers made damaging allegations against the hospital and its medical practice.

Atwell was served with an injunction and on Tuesday made her first appearance before Justice Fidela Corbin- Lincoln at the Demerara High Court.

The Hospital sued for damages for libel in an amount to be determined at trial for no less than $5M, special damages to be proved at trial for no less than $100,000 and aggravated and exemplary damage for no less than $5M, also to be determined at trial.

Atwell was threatened with a $100M lawsuit by the hospital in a pre-action letter.

The young businesswoman, who owns a clothing store in Georgetown, is currently on $200,000 station bail and was represented by Attorneys Sanjeev Datadin, Ganesh Hira, Donavon Rangiah and Anessa Chow.

Balwant Singh’s Hospital, on behalf of Dr Madhu Singh, is represented by Devindra Kissoon.

In court documents seen by the News Room, Atwell threatened to take legal action against the Guyana Police Force and the hospital for her arrest, false imprisonment and harassment.

Atwell stated that the posts are true testimonies of former patients and workers who gave gruesome horror stories of the treatment meted out to them at the hospital

The Guyana Police Force, based on the complaint made by the hospital, arrested and detained Atwell in excess for 12 hours.  She was later released on bail after being charged formally.

Police also seized Atwell’s personal computer, which is still in their custody.

“The complaints I have received are all sent to me as messages and I have communicated with each person for confirmation of details,” Atwell said in her documents to the court.

“I have done nothing illegal. I have shared the stories verbatim as I have received it. I am advised by two persons and do verily believe that they are in the process of suing the claimants on the exact fact that I have made public,” Atwell said.

The court hearing continues Wednesday afternoon in the High Court.

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