Man who snatched cellphone at bus park jailed for two years


Georgetown resident Oswald Cumberbatch was on Wednesday jailed for two years for snatching a cellphone at the Georgetown bus park; the Magistrate showed no sympathy to his case that he stole the phone to provide for his daughter.

“It was temptation,” Cumberbatch told Magistrate Faith McGusty. The Magistrate replied with the Bible prayer verse “lead me not into temptation” as she handed down the two-year sentence.

Magistrate McGusty told Cumberbatch that if he was not caught by the victim on the scene he would have gone off singing Hallelujah.

Cumberbatch, 23, of Laing Avenue, pleaded guilty to the robbery charge.

Police claimed that on July 2, 2019, at Croal Street, Georgetown, he robbed Al-Ansar Abdool of a cell phone with case valued at $122,000.

Police Prosecutor Ceon Blackman told the court that on the day in question at about 08:00hrs, Abdool was in the vicinity of the Route 40 minibus park.

The victim was confronted by Cumberbatch who threw him onto the ground and relieved him of the articles mentioned in the charge.

Cumberbatch attempted to make good of his escape and the victim gave charge and apprehended him.

He was turned over to the Police and the stolen cellphone was recovered in his possession.

“The situation which I deh in, I know that I’m wrong. Please have lil sympathy on ya son,” Cumberbatch pleaded with the Magistrate.

The unrepresentative man told the court that he recently lost his job at the Fisheries Wharf two weeks ago. He said he used to clean fish at the Meadow Bank Wharf but due to a “lil talking” with another man he stopped going to prevent a further problem.

“Tomorrow is my daughter birthday, she turning one,” Cumberbatch told the Magistrate as he begged for a custodial sentence as he explained that he needed money to care of his “lil one.”

However, the defendant’s plea of mitigation did not sit well with the prosecutor, who told the court that Cumberbatch had other alternatives rather that committing a crime.

“He needed to seek another employment; he cannot go about attacking citizens.

“Robbery is an offence and not employment,” prosecutor Blackman said.

He urged the court to send a strong message to the defendant and other persons contemplating to commit similar crimes.

The Magistrate encouraged Cumberbatch to use his time in prison to take advantage of the courses and training offered by the prison authorities.

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