Family of Berbice top student cannot afford QC


The family of the Berbice top student at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment must take the tough decision to send him to a school in the region rather than to Queen’s College – the country’s top secondary school.

Pawan “Vicky” Ketwaroo did not aspire to be the top student of Region Six. He had one goal – to do the best despite the tough circumstances his family faced.

However, with 520 marks, Vicky emerged as the country’s top performer for his region, sharing the spot with Chitra Ramdihal of Cropper Primary School in Albion.

Ketwaroo, a student of Cumberland Primary, was obviously elated when he heard the news.

At the end of 2017, his father Anand Kumar Ketwaroo, the sole breadwinner of the family, lost his job when the Rose Hall Canje Estate shutdown. Mr Ketwaroo worked at the Estate as Fuel Attendant for over thirty years.

He used the severance pay he received to build a better, though modest, home for his family while seeking employment.

He told the News Room that while he was thankful for the severance received, he knew it would not have lasted him without alternative employment, which he has been unable to secure.

Pawan with his parents, Anand Kumar Ketwaroo and Babita Ramdeen

Speaking of his son’s accomplishment, Mr Ketwaroo told the News Room he is very proud but he feels saddened that he would not be able to afford to send him to the prestigious Queen’s College. A such, a decision will be made for him to attend one of the leading secondary schools in the region.

He said that while he was able to afford school supplies over the past year, he is unsure what will happen as his son moves on to Secondary School, given that the demands for various school essentials will be more.

But regardless of which school he attends, Vicky, an aspiring doctor said he will continue to work hard to make his parents and community proud.

He said the exams were a bit challenging but with dedication and commitment towards his study, he was able to succeed.

In light of his accomplishment, he hopes to have a laptop to make it easier for him to complete school assignments. On a lighter side, he also hopes for a Nintendo player!

The young man expressed thanks to his God, teachers at the Cumberland Primary School and his parents.

His mother, Babita Ramdeen 43,  is overjoyed about her son’s achievement. She encourages other parents to take the time with their children, support them and spend time with them.

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