Investigation launched into death of taxi driver at Suddie Police Station


An investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding the death of 39-year-old Lallbachan Bachan who died while in custody at the Suddie Police Station lockup on Monday.

Commander of the Police ‘F’ Division Khali Pareshram, told the News Room during a telephone interview Thursday that an internal investigation was launched immediately after the incident by the Police Complaints Authority and investigators within the division.

When asked, the Commander said no one is under close arrest at this time.

Bachan, a taxi driver and father of four of Maria’s Lodge, Essequibo Coast was found dead in the lockup on Monday morning, three days after he was arrested.

The post-mortem which was done the same day shows that he suffocated after suffering from a fractured larynx (voice box). The Police claimed that the fractured voice box could have been caused by a fall, but the post-mortem does not make that conclusion.

As such, the family is baffled as to how Bachan died and is pleading with the authorities for justice.

Bachan was arrested on Friday, hours after he failed to appear in court to answer to a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

He was first arrested on June 17 for the offence and was released on $20,000 bail.

But he failed to show up to court and two arrest warrants were issued for him, Police claimed.

The man’s wife, Samantha Bachan told the News Room on Tuesday that the officer who arrested her husband had previously requested the sum of $100, 000 from the family to “drop the case.”

Additionally, she said since his arrest, the family was unable to see or speak with him until Sunday, one day before his death.

She said on Sunday, he seemed fine and his body bore no marks of violence, however, when the relatives went to see the body at the Suddie Hospital mortuary, he had marks on his face and feet.

Police said Bachan was the lone prisoner in the lockup.

On Thursday morning the relatives told the News Room that they are awaiting word from the Police on the investigation but they want justice.

They have not decided on any action against the Police as yet since the funeral service was on Wednesday and they are still trying to come to grips with Bachan’s death.

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