GT Motorsports, ExxonMobil strengthen partnership


A major bugbear facing most sport disciplines in Guyana is financing, specifically lack thereof.

Sporting associations at every conceivable opportunity would speak of the difficulties associated with chartering a developmental pathway in a sometimes not-so-enabling environment.

It is therefore, quite a task to get companies to commit, especially when the returns are not immediate. Cognisant of this trend, ExxonMobil Guyana has been playing its part ever since its operations began in Guyana several years ago.

One organisation to benefit from the company’s benevolence is GT Motorsports, the home of go-kart racing in Guyana.

In 2018, the company played a significant role in helping to promote motor-racing in Guyana, specifically karting. Through its involvement, ExxonMobil has aided GT Motorsports to provide opportunities for young, as well as experienced drivers to develop their skills at the Georgetown Grand Prix.

In recognition of that invaluable contribution, GT Motorsports, represented by Leah Alphonso, on Thursday presented a plaque of appreciation to Nicholas Yearwood of ExxonMobil as a testament of its appreciation for the support.

Alphonso said GT Motorsports is grateful for the backing of entities like ExxonMobil, noting that the hope is for the relationship to grow from strength to strength.

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