Meet the Guyana squash team to Junior CASA


Guyana’s junior squash players will head off to Trinidad and Tobago next week to compete in the Caribbean Area Squash Association Junior championship. The group of players and officials will depart Guyana on July 12 with the hope of bring the title back to these shores.

Today we present a brief bio of the players who would represent the country.

Grant Fernandes


Grant is competing in his first Junior CASA this year. The 10-year-old started playing squash two years ago and is just excited to be in Trinidad competing. This young dynamo loves to be on court and is looking forward to making some new friends.

Mohryan Baksh


It’s been a good year for Mohryan who won the Under-13 National title. He has been playing squash for almost six years and he has racked up some valuable experience in three CASA’s. He is hopeful the fourth will see him bring the Under-13 title home. Mohryan’s discipline and dedication have paid off as is evident in his improvement.

Louis DaSilva


This will be Louis’ third CASA and after winning the plate in both Guyana and Jamaica he has great expectations for this year. He took time out for study earlier in the year but he has been training every day to make up for it. His calm demeanor is an asset on court. Squash is Louis’s favourite sport.

Joshua Verwey


11-year-old Josh has been playing squash for two and half years. He is very excited to be playing in his first CASA and looks forward to playing other boys in his age category from different countries. His enthusiasm comes from observing the competitors at last Junior CASA in Jamaica where he supported and cheered his older brother and other Guyanese friends.

Shiloh Asregado


With two CASA’s to pull from, youngster Shiloh has been busy preparing for his third and is hoping to make his mark in his move up to Under-13s.

Michael Alphonso


The reigning Under-13 champ has been working really hard going into his fourth CASA. Mikey won the Under-15 Nationals and placed second in the Under-17 and Under-19. His goal is to help Guyana regain the overall team title. This talented young athlete is a strong player who has a broad repertoire of shots under his belt and speed to match up to any of his peers.

Nicholas Verwey


Nick has been playing squash for the last two and half years. This year being his second CASA experience, he is delighted to be representing Guyana. Last year Nicholas placed fifth in the Boys Under-13 category. This year he is looking forward to competing against some of the old faces and match up with the new faces in the Under-15 category. Much improved this year he is playing great squash.

Quinn Lilico


This is Quinn’s fourth CASA and he looks forward every year to coming from the UK to represent Guyana. He has achieved great successes with his local team this year

Shomari Wiltshire


The long time champ has been developing each part of his game this year and continues to progress at a rapid pace; playing intelligent squash. Shomari won the nationals Under-17 and Under-19 titles and was honoured with the award of Guyana’s 2018 junior sportsman of the year by the National Sports Commission. His quiet confidence is well placed as his consistent training makes him a formidable opponent.

Samuel Ince-Carvalhal


Samuel has improved significantly this year in both his game and coaching.  A minor injury halted his Nationals bid, but his dedicated training and increased strength has pushed him up a level and will help him compete against his peers as he moves up to Under-17.  This will be his fifth CASA and he has put in the work to hopefully make it a successful one.

Gianni Carpenter


Gianni has spent some time away from squash while he focused on Motor racing but has since come back full force and worked hard to improve his game. The left hander is looking forward to being part of the team this year and will be giving 100%.

Daniel Islam


After a move to the US and a shift in focus to his studies, Daniel is pleased to be back in the fold leading his team in the Under-19 division in Trinidad. He has kept in touch with Coach Ince to ensure he followed the right training plan leading up to CASA. Always a great talent and a joy to watch, his first time in Under-19 will be an exciting time for Daniel.

Tianna Gomes


The youngest member of the squad, eight-year-old Tianna is a newcomer to squash and will be competing in the Under-11 category. She is hoping to gain valuable experience in her first CASA. Tianna is an enthusiastic lively character both on and off the court and she is so excited to be taking part this year.

Christiana Fernandes


Christy is competing for the third time in the Under-11 at Junior CASA. She has been working really hard each week to prepare for the competition in which she will try her best to be victorious in. Fast on and off the court, her racket skills are becoming more mature and she will be putting all her efforts into her matches.

Beau Fernandes


Beau is competing in her second Junior CASA after finishing second in the Under-11 division in 2017 and skipping 2018. The powerful 12-year-old is keen to get back into competition this year.  Such a happy and positive young lady, she is a real asset to the team.

Safirah Sumner


Relatively new to squash, this is Safirah’s first CASA. Spending a lot of her time focusing on exams this year Safirah has now dedicated herself to doubling up her efforts to participate in Junior CASA and to give a good account of herself. Hoping to gain some valuable experience this year, this athletic player will be moving up the ranks very quickly.

Kirsten Gomes


This will be the fifth CASA for the Under-15 national champ, who came third in Under-15 at Junior CASA last year. She is looking forward to competing this year and is feeling confident her team has a shot at bringing home the title.  Kirsten has shown great improvement in her fitness and game after working very hard and will be a powerful force to be reckoned with in her last year in the Under-15 category.

Abosaide Cadogan


After coming over from badminton just over four years ago Abosaide quickly picked up the game of squash . A swift climber, her athleticism and strong will has moved her into achieving great successes. Under-17 and 19 National Champ this year her goal is to better last year’s second place finish, earn her first CASA title and help the team reach the top.

Madison Fernandes


Madison has competed in four Junior CASA tournaments and she placed fourth in the Under-15 category last year. She took a break from squash for a couple of months to concentrate on her hockey but is back hoping to do even better in her first year in the Under-17. Madison loves fitness training which will be of great help to her on court.

Makeda Harding


Makeda started playing squash in 2011 and represented Guyana from 2013-2017. She took a break from squash last year and focused her energy on Hockey but has recently resumed squash training and hopes to perform to the best of her ability as she enters the Under-19 category. A strong player with good experience Makeda is looking forward to the challenges of her new category and achieving good results.

Carl Ince


Coach Ince continues to motivate and train his students in an innovative and fluid way and continues to produce Caribbean champions. The successes he has been a part of are numerous and his hope of recapturing the Caribbean title this year is stronger than ever. Recognised for his outstanding contribution to Squash many times over, he is an icon in Caribbean Squash.

Nyron Joseph


A fully fledged coach; Nyron continues to learn from Coach Ince while mixing his own experiences into his own unique style of coaching, A significant factor in this year’s squad training regime, Nyron hopes to see his students show great improvement and play to their full potential.

Deje Dias


Deje has been working closely with the squad over the past few months and is a real motivation to the youngsters. His experience as a junior player provides great stories for his students and working in collaboration with head coach and fellow assistant coach, he feels the team is a strong unit ready for the competition.

Garfield Wiltshire


A decade manager of the Guyana Team, Garfield has been a part of many successes. Honoured with the National Award; The Golden Arrow of Achievement this year, his long standing contribution to the sporting world was deservedly recognised. The manager is hoping to see the team regain their Team titles and add a few more individual titles to their achievements this year.

David Fernandes


Long serving President David has been involved in squash for a long time and has had the pleasure of seeing many family members enjoy successes in the game. Passionate about sport for youths, he is a motivator and mentor to every team member. David looks forward to an exciting CASA this year.

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