Being vex with Gov’t is legitimate, but still vote coalition – WPA’s David Hinds


The Working People’s Alliance, which has one seat in the Government, is sticking with the Coalition for new general elections, even though it believes mistakes have been made.

Executive David Hinds said that those upset with one faction of the Coalition can vote for another faction and so at the end of the day, they will still vote for the Coalition.

As the WPA reaches out to communities ahead of elections, Hinds acknowledged those who are upset about some actions of the Government.

But he suggested that this vexation must not result in them abandoning the current government, saying they can still choose to support one of the six parties in the Coalition.

“Here is the good thing about coalition.

“If you vex with the PNC, vote for the WPA. If you vex with the WPA, vote for the AFC, if you vex with the AFC vote for the PNC.

“That is the beauty of Coalition. That’s how you have to reason this thing.

“All a we a one family,” he told a gathering at Buxton, East Coast Demerara Thursday.

He added: “This business about vexing is legitimate, but what you will do about vexing when you done puff up?”

His view was supported by another WPA Executive and now Minister of Public Service Tabita Sarrabo-Halley.

She said that the Government had made mistakes and made “statements that didn’t sound too right to the masses.”

However, being at Cabinet meetings for two months, she said she has observed that one thing is clear, and that is that the Ministers have the interest of the people at heart.

WPA Executive and now Minister of Public Service Tabita Sarrabo-Halley.

Pointing to a common complaint of lack of jobs and opportunities for youths, the Minister of Public Service discouraged the approach of depending on the government, saying that young people should focus on leading their own businesses.

She suggested that a coconut vendor makes almost $500, 000 a month, but “sometimes we are just interested in getting a government job” which pays the minimum wage.

“I would like to encourage young people to not just look to be employed – not just go to school to find a job, but go to school with the intention of being able to create employment for yourself and those that are around you,” she stated.

The Minister said that there are many grants available to young people to set up their own businesses and she urged them to become aware of them and take advantage of these opportunities.

She also noted that there are many scholarships available for those who can’t afford their education.

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