Hire car drivers protest over deplorable roads in Black Bush Polder


Several hire car drivers plying the Adventure and Number 43 Village to Black Bush Polder route are calling on the relevant authorities to fix the deplorable condition of several sections of the Black Bush Polder access road at East Berbice, Corentyne.

On Monday morning, a number of drivers refused to work when they staged a protest action on the Lesbeholden Public Road to highlight the condition of the road and at one point, the men blocked off a section of the road disrupting the free flow of traffic in and out of the communities.

However, the Police intervened and the metal pipe used to block the road was removed.

The drivers blocked off a section of the road disrupting the free flow of traffic in and out of the communities.

When the News Room visited the area, a hire car operator Lewis Punch was stuck in one of the many potholes; he had to be assisted by other taxi operators.

The drivers told the News Room that they are forced to spend thousands of dollars on a weekly basis to repair damages to their car as a result of the road.

Taxi Driver Micheal Rahaman said the road will continue to deteriorate if no action is taken.

According to Rahaman, in the past three weeks, he spent $33,000 to fix his car after it was damaged by the huge potholes.

Micheal Rahaman

“Two tyres done burst and I bend up my fender and thing. All that I had to go look after.”

Rahaman told the News Room that the Number 43 Village to Johanna is the most affected area. He contended that the trucks which transport with heavy cargo to a rice mill in the area are particularly responsible for the state of that section of the road.

Troy Fraser

“When the Mibicuri to Adventure part damage like this too, we won’t be able to work anymore because we will be working to fix vehicle only,” Rahaman said.

Another driver, Troy Fraser said he is tired of complaining to the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

“For the past three years the road has been like this and no one is doing anything. We can’t afford to maintain our cars at the rate.”

Mala Ramnarain, a resident, said the situation has put a strain on residents.

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