20 years jail for raping elderly woman


Delon Blake, a 39-year-old man of Kumuni Creek, Demerara River was on Thursday sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for raping a 77-year-old woman in 2017.

Earlier this week, Blake confessed to the crime before Justice Simone Morris- Ramlall at the High Court.

Blake admitted that on June 20, 2017, in the county of Demerara, he engaged in sexual penetration with the elderly woman without her consent.

Delon Blake

Justice Morris-Ramlall, in imposing the sentence, took into consideration that violence was used during the commission of the crime since Blake raped the elderly woman and stole her cell phone after.

The Judge also considered the fact that Blake pleaded guilty and threw himself to the mercy of the court.

“It baffles and disturbs the minds” were the words of the Judge when she considered the circumstances in which the elderly woman was raped.

The Judge said Blake needs “psychological intervention” and ordered that he undergo counselling while serving his 20-year sentence.

The State was represented by Prosecutor Tuanna Hardy while Blake was represented by Rabindra Mohabir.

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