Charrandass’ lawyer disappointed in CCJ orders

-says elections should be held before Sept. 18


“We are disappointed in what the Court didn’t do is be firm,” says Sanjeev Datadin, the lawyer who represented former Alliance For Change (AFC) member Charrandass Persaud in the No-Confidence motion case before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

His comment came minutes after Guyana’s final appellate court delivered its consequential orders to its June 18 ruling which validated the passage of the motion.

The court on Friday outlined that in moving forward, the Constitutional players which include the President, Opposition Leader and local elections body, should adhere to the Constitution of Guyana in doing what is necessary to hold elections.

Charrandass Persaud before voting in favour of the No-Confidence Motion against the APNU+AFC Govt

Datadin believes that the court could have given a specific timeline for the holding of elections.

“In our constitution, the court had the power to give such directions, make such orders,” Datadin told reporters outside the Court of Appeal in Guyana Friday following the CCJ’s hearing.

“So, unfortunately, [it is]…a position when you won the battle or lost the war,” the attorney said.

According to the lawyer, while he cognizant that the court wants to refrain from interfering in politics, Guyana is plagued with a condition “where you do not have a situation where the two political leaders are moving…forward.”

“It is only the people of Guyana who utmost suffer.”

Datadin believes elections should be held by September 18; his argument is premised on the fact that elections were due three months after the passage of the No-Confidence Motion against the Government which was March 21.

Given the court cases which followed the motion, the three months, he said, should begin from June 18 when the CCJ handed down its ruling.

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