GECOM says elections preparations underway


The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) in a press statement on Friday confirmed that it will commence house to house registration from Saturday, a process which it hopes to complete by October 20.

However, the Commission said it is conducting preparation for elections simultaneously with the registration process.

“While the Commission is undertaking the registration exercise, concurrent operational activities for the preparations of General and Regional Elections are underway,” GECOM said in its statement.

The statement came shortly after supporters of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) protested the Commission to begin elections preparations immediately.

(PPP photo)

The protestors marched on High Street, Kingston, Georgetown with placards bearing slogans such as ‘GECOM must respect the Constitution,’ ‘Government is a waste, GECOM make haste,’ ‘CCJ has spoken, it’s time for elections,’ ‘GECOM must not be influenced to APNU/AFC,’ ‘GECOM is not above the law,’ ‘GECOM is becoming APNU/AFC puppet,’ ‘GECOM must respect the Constitution and the CCJ ruling’ and ‘GECOM must not derail democracy.’

They marched from Barrack Street to Wight’s Lane on High Street chanting “We want Elections Now”.

The News Room spoke with some of the Opposition’s executive members and supporters who firmly stated that the Government is failing to honour the recent ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice which validated a No-Confidence motion passed in December.

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“The constitution must be adhered to. Colossal sums of money were spent in the court asking for this decision. That decision has been given and as such, we need to have the Government adhere to the CCJ ruling,” Opposition member, Dr Vindhya Persaud said.

“the Government must step down and we must get election. Swear in the GECOM Chairman and set a date for elections. That is the way,” one supporter told the media.

“We want elections soon, tomorrow and all,” another supporter shouted.

Sadekie Haniff, another supporter who joined the protest though bound to a wheel chair said, “we’re here calling on them to forget this house to house registration, it is unconstitutional to hold house to house registration since there are periods of registration throughout the year and everybody is registered, there is no need for house to house registration.”

One woman said the President must practice what he preaches.

(PPP Photo)

“if he is the leader of this country, what example is he setting towards the people of Guyana? This is not Jagdeo, this is about the people,” she noted.

People’s Progressive Party Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali told the media that the party hopes political pressure will force GECOM to begin the elections process to hold elections by September 18.

Holding a placard which reads ‘GECOM must respect the Constitution,’ Ali said “all of Guyana want us as a people, want us as citizens to ensure that we do our part…what all these Guyanese are doing here will be a part of our historical records because they are standing up for democracy, they are standing up for the rule of law, they are standing up for protection of our constitution.”

The party vows to continue protest action until a date for elections is set.

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