Family demands justice after teen with injury to foot dies at Suddie Hospital 


By Isanella Patoir

Fourteen-year-old Ramindra Khagaram died on Monday morning after he was admitted to the Suddie Hospital for what his family claims was a minor injury to the left ankle.

The teen’s father, Ramindra Khagaram (snr) said a post mortem examination conducted on Wednesday showed that his son died as a result of “poisoning” from the injury.

The teenager of Henrietta Village, Essequibo Coast celebrated his birthday the day before he died.

The father of five during a telephone interview with the News Room on Wednesday said his son initially went to the hospital at about 6pm on Sunday, July 21, for his injury, but was given an injection, some medication and then sent to his home.

But at around midnight, the father said his son woke up sweating and his face and fingernails turned blue so he rushed him back to the hospital.

“[My son] walk and go in [the hopsutal] and when me carry me son back the next morning, [my] son couldn’t walk and them take he to the ICU,” the crying father told the News Room.

According to the father, the doctors told him that his son’s condition was critical.

The child died at around 08:00hrs Monday and the family remains in shock.

The father said his son was very smart and would have been in Form Three when school reopens in September.

He was a student at the Anna Regina Multilateral School, the region’s top school.

“[My] son was very bright, if you could check the Multi records you could see me son de bright…he coulda become a doctor, he coulda become somebody to develop this country, ow but he can’t be the person no more,” the crying father said.

The family is calling for justice. The teenager will be buried on Friday.

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