Command centre for high-tech CCTV system launched


The Command Center for the CCTV Surveillance System has been activated.

The initiative is part of the National Broadband Expansion Project and monitors various sections of the city and the East Bank Demerara.

The citywide Pilot Surveillance system which was set up via a private government LTE network utilizes varying types of advanced cameras and monitoring software. The network infrastructure was set up via miles of underground fiber optic lines that run directly to each to surveillance or IVS sites throughout the city. This was done in a move to ensure the most stable, efficient and crystal clear video feeds.

The new security system that comprises of 102 IVS monitoring sites and 233 Bullet cameras is equipped with features such as a real time face recognition and facial tracking system, a license plate and license plate location history search system and a remote tracking and video monitoring system that aids in tracking and deploying security officials.

Speaking on the significance of the center was Minister of Public telecommunications Cathy Hughes.

“This safe city component is ensuring that we are able to provide prompt efficient public security services to Guyana.

“I think this takes us up a notch I hope you are all encouraged that we are moving up in this area,” Hughes stated.

The highly advanced surveillance system is set to boost the performance and efficiency capabilities of local public security agencies.

Minister of Public Security VP Khemraj Ramjattan also spoke on what the new system means for the country’s security.

“This is just going to be one of the best developments for our country in relation to matters security,” he stated.

The US$36 million project was funded by the China Exim Bank and Implemented through the services of Chinese communications company Huawei.

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