Five homeless after fire destroys Berbice house


A fire believed to be electrical in origin completely destroyed the dwelling home of a family of five at Lot 202, Clifton Settlement Corentyne Berbice.

The fire started approximately 11:30hrs on Friday and quickly swept through the upper flat and within minutes destroyed the entire two-storey- wooden structure

Troy Elias, 32, who lived at the rented property with his wife and three children – ages 3, 2 and eight months old – told the News Room he lost everything, including school essentials he was stocking up for his three-year-old to commence school next month.

He also lost approximately $800,000 in items and other valuables.

Elias said he was not at home but when he arrived at the scene, the entire house was already consumed by the flames.

The remains of the house following the fire

He said his wife who was at home with the children, recalled the wire which is connected from the utility post to the house, sparking before the fire.

Elias, who is employed as a hire car driver and mechanic, said his wife collected the children and ran out of the house when the wires sparked.

The sparks eventually turned into flames.

Elias said the community has been experiencing severe power shortages recently including fluctuating voltage.

“It’s going to be really hard, really tough. We are going to have to start back fresh and it’s not easy to start fresh with the crisis in Guyana right now,” the frustrated husband and father said.

Troy Elias

Meanwhile, residents who gathered at the scene vented their frustration over the late response by the Guyana Fire Service.

They noted that several calls were made to fire service but they responded when the house was already destroyed.

Residents said when the fire tender arrived it came with a limited supply of water and left to refill and then returned to extinguish the blaze.

The family is now contemplating their next move with no resources available. Elias said he is open to any form of assistance; he can be contacted on telephone number 592-662-7553.

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