Man chopped 12 times, severely beaten during robbery


A 30- year-old man is nursing serious injuries after he was attacked and badly beaten by two armed bandits at his Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam home early Sunday.

Renny Anthony Juman was chopped twelve times to his head; the incident occurred at about 02:00hrs.

The News Room understands that Juman was sleeping in the verandah of the house when he was awoken by the bandits who were armed with a crow bar and cutlass.

While beating him in the head, the bandits demanded cash and valuables.

The stepfather, 50-year-old Mohamed Ishmael told the News Room that Juman, who is employed with a popular supermarket in New Amsterdam, went to collect his salary Saturday and fell asleep on the  verandah after he returned home with the door of the house left opened.

50-year-old Mohamed Ishmael

Ishmael said he was also asleep and was awoken by sounds coming from the verandah. As he made his way out of his room, he was confronted by one of the bandits who squeezed a device connected to his chest which is used for his dialysis. However, he was spared as one of the men instructed the other to leave him alone and focus on his wife, Bibi Shameela Ally.

“He run in the room and say nah worry with he, they want the mother,” the man told the News Room.

The woman was beaten to her head before the suspects managed to escape with an undisclosed sum of cash.

Ishmael said the bandits gained access to the verandah after they jumped the fence and climbed onto the shed.

The House where the incident occurred

After they made their escape, Ishmael said he called out for help and his brother-in-law, who resides behind the house, rushed over and took Juman to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

It was discovered that Juman suffered a broken shoulder and lost several teeth but the hospital was ill-equipped to assist.

“We took him there but had nothing to treat him with, not even an x-ray we had to do everything private,” he told the News Room.

As his condition worsened, the parents self-discharged their son at around noon on Sunday, gather whatever money they could, and hired an ambulance to transport him to the Balwant Singh Hospital. He was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he remains a patient.

The family is still traumatized by the incident which also left the home in a bloodied state.

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