West Side residents complain of Bee infestation in abandoned land


Residents of Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara are calling on the owner of a plot of land to clean the area which is covered with bushes and is now infested with bees.

Nisheshya Narine, her father and her 10-month-old nephew were forced to lock themselves in the house on Thursday after the bees attacked.

“I have my ten-month-old nephew, yesterday the bee coming in the house and we didn’t know what to do,” Narine said.

She said when they took the chance to open the doors, they found that two of the family’s dogs had died after being continuously stung by the bees.

According to Narine, this is not the first time the bees are affecting them.

“It happened like three months back they was a bee invasion, so we went and tell them [the owners] but they didn’t do anything. Yesterday, it happen again and it was way worst, the bees kill my two big dogs.”

Narine told the News Room that they made complaints to the Leonora Police Station and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) when the bees invaded the first time, but nothing was done about it.

She said the NDC sent someone who inspected the yard but he never returned.

Narine said after the bees invaded Thursday they made another complaint to the Police Station.

“The Police them saying that they can’t do anything that we take the matter to the NDC, we went to the NDC again, the NDC say that is a private matter let we take a lawyer.”

Other neighbours affected said they met with the owner who promised to look into the matter.

“The bees come from his land cause there is a lot of bushes and he don’t do anything to it, he don’t clear it and he has a lot of junk,” Narine said.

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