CAPE top student mix-up: St. Rose’s girl tops country


St. Rose’s High student Shanomae Milling of North Sophia, Greater Georgetown is actually this year’s top student at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and not Michael Bhopaul and Leonardo Gobin as was previously announced by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry, in a statement Thursday, apologised for the mix-up.

Milling wrote 11 units and achieved nine grade ones and two grade twos.

Milling told the News Room Thursday that she received her results and was not initially recognized for her outstanding performance.

She met with the exam division at Queen’s College Thursday where the issue was rectified.

According to the Education Ministry, the mix up should “not distract from the excellent and historical performance by our students this year at both the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and CAPE assessments.”

The results of Ms. Milling are as follows:

Applied Mathematics Unit 1 – Grade 1

Caribbean Studies Unit 1 – Grade 1

Environmental Science Unit 1 – Grade 1

Physics Unit 1 – Grade 1

Biology Unit 2 – Grade 1

Chemistry Unit 2 – Grade 1

Pure Mathematics Unit 2 – Grade 1

Physics Unit 2 – Grade 1

Physical Education and Sports Unit 2 – Grade 1

Communication Studies Unit 1 – Grade 2

Applied Mathematics Unit 2 – Grade 2

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