WPA supports December date for elections


The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) believes that a date in December 2019 will be feasible for the holding of elections.

In fact, WPA Member Dr. David Hinds said that December maybe a date acceptable by both the Government and the Opposition.

He alluded to the ongoing House to House registration exercise which will be completed by October 20 paving the way for elections.

“We think GECOM can finish its work within three months and that then opens the way for elections in the earliest time possible and we’re saying December,” the WPA member told the media at a press conference at the party’s Queenstown, Georgetown office on Friday.

So far, over 230,000 persons have registered in GECOM’s House-to-House registration exercise.

Dr Hinds said that any move to hold elections beyond the end of 2019 would serve to confirm the Opposition’s claims that the Government is engaging in delaying tactics.

“We think that reasonably, elections as a compromise could be held in December. We in the WPA think that if you go into next year, then you’re inviting yourself to the charge…of delaying tactics,” Dr Hinds said.

Dr Hinds said the view expressed is that of the WPA but not necessarily his coalition partners.

However, he posited that it is an informed position since the party has a representative on GECOM.

The WPA is represented by Mr Desmond Trotman who is a government nominated commissioner on GECOM.

President David Granger recently dismissed reports in the media of an election date in mid-December.

Following a meeting with new Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Justice (rt’d) Claudette Singh and all six commissioners on August 08, the Head of State told the media that he is still awaiting the advice of GECOM before he decides on a date.

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