WPA wants to be part of decision making in Gov’t


After four years in Government, the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) which has repeatedly lashed out at the APNU+AFC coalition for failing to meet its campaign promises, said it wants to be a part of the decision making process in the Government.

Executive member of the WPA, Dr Hinds explained that over the past four years, the party has not played a major part in decision making since it only has one member in Cabinet and the APNU Coalition has not been meeting regularly.

“We’re asking for more decision making at the APNU level, more decision making at the APNU+AFC level –outside of cabinet –more decision making in Parliament. So what you do is that you broaden decision making, Dr. Hinds said.

“We certainly are not going to engage in the same way as we engaged the first time around,” he added.

The WPA is a small party in the five-party coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

Reading from a prepared statement, another WPA Executive member, Ali Majeed said the WPA intends to be more proactive in and out of Government should the Coalition win the next General and Regional Elections.

The WPA is also looking to review the charter which formed the APNU coalition.

“The party has already signed on to the Coalition’s Core Principles, but given our experiences during the first term, WPA has decided to request alterations to its formal engagement within a Coalition government,” Majeed said at a press conference on Friday at the party’s Queenstown, Georgetown head office.

The WPA says it is not pleased with the coalition’s performance in office. The party alluded to several campaign promises including the review of the procurement laws, tackling corruption, constitution reform and honouring the collective bargaining agreement with trade unions which were not honoured by the Government.

However, the party will be contesting the next national elections as part of the coalition because it is convinced that a multi-party Government is needed to manage the incoming oil revenues.

The executives said when the party looks at the contestants for the upcoming elections, it believes that the APNU+AFC coalition is the best option to solve various social ills being experienced in society.

But the party has launched its election campaign noting that its decision was influenced by the feedback from its supporters.

The WPA has held ten community meetings thus far aimed at connecting with grassroots supporters.

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