Police Force awards bursary prizes to 156 Grade Six students 


In keeping with a yearly tradition, the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Welfare Department on Friday awarded bursaries to 156 of the best National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) performers from among the children of Police Officers.

This year, the cash award divided among the students totalled $5.2 million, with the largest share going to top awardee Dellon Graham, Deputy Commissioner Maxine Graham’s son.

The NGSA students who attained 400 marks and above along with their parents were treated to lunch at the Police Officer’s Mess Annex, Eve Leary.

The top 3 awardees were Graham with 519 marks, Daniel Lynch with 518 marks and Vaneeta Bissoon with 516 marks.

Graham received $200,000, while Lynch received $175,000 and Bissoon $150, 000.

The highest marks possible at this year’s NGSA was 535 marks.

Deputy Commander for Administration, Mr. Paul Williams delivered the opening remarks on Friday recognizing the organizations who made the award possible.

He stated that, “The awarded prizes are from the Police Finance department, the Guyana Police Force Credit Union, the GPF Consumers, the Guyana Association Of Women Police and other key external stakeholders.”

The Deputy Commander noted that in 2019 they were 156 successful awardees out of a total 172 applicants.

Also in attendance was Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson who offered words of encouragement to the teachers who worked to empower the students.

Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson

“Our students – the children – they do not arrive at the positions they have arrived at by some magical moment.

“There has to be persons who are working behind the scenes and it is against that background that I would want to at this forum recognize the teachers who spend endless hours with trying to put our children in a state of readiness,” Hutson said.

Just before the conclusion of the ceremony Commissioner of Police Leslie James, DSS, DSM presented  the students with cash prizes and book bags paid for in part by the Zara Foundation.

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