Trans Guyana/KLM team up for fast, smooth transfer to Europe


Local Airline Trans Guyana Airways has teamed up with international airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to offer a smooth transfer to Europe.

While passengers must still book separately with both airlines, the local airline offers convenient fly times to Suriname that will make a trip to Amsterdam through that route amounting to 12 hours.

Trans Guyana boasts that this route is the fastest to Europe for any airline out of Guyana.

Trans Guyana will begin be flying to Suriname to connect with KLM twice weekly – Sundays and Mondays – starting September 1.

According to Alexandra Correia, Commercial Manager of Trans Guyana Airway, passengers who use the service will be in transit, which means they will not be clearing customs and immigration when they stop over in Suriname.

She noted that luggage will be checked all the way through.

Martijn Ten Broecke, a manager with KLM, said the airline’s staff will be on the ground to ensure that passengers enjoy a hassle-free process.

Correia added that flight times are very convenient with the flight departing from Ogle at 14:00 hrs and departing Amsterdam at 11:30 hrs.

She said that the major beneficiaries of this new route will be business people travelling between Guyana and Europe and Asia, particularly China and India.

“We expect that companies in oil and gas, construction, mining and other sectors that have significant business interests in Guyana but are based in Europe and Asia will be just as excited as we are for this new connection,” Correia said in a prepared statement.

She said too that the new arrangements will benefit the tourism sector, as one of the biggest impediments to the growth of the sector is connectivity to Guyana.

“We know this route will open a new and cost-effective channel into Guyana so that we can share our beautiful country with the world,” she stated.

In order to book a ticket on this route, passengers will will have to buy your tickets for TGA and KLM separately or through a travel agent.

Trans Guyana recently launched its online booking portal, so flights can be booked on its website (; KLM tickets can be booked on their website

KLM started operating to Suriname with ‘the Snip’, a three-engine Fokker F-XVIII in December 1934. The airline will celebrate 80 years of passenger flights to Suriname on September 4, 2019.

KLM will mark its 100th anniversary on October 7, 2019.


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