Everest partners with Starr Computers to power youth development


One of the nation’s longstanding and outstanding sporting facility, the Everest Cricket Club (ECC), is once again at the receiving end of a tangible boost with the handing over of a complete computer system and printer from Starr Computers.

The presentation was done at the donor’s state of the art technological centre on Brickdam, Georgetown, where a desktop computer, a multifunction colour printer and backup power supply device were handed over.

Making the presentation on behalf of the computer giant was President Michael Mohan, who stated that the donation is part of his company’s corporate social responsibility to enhance sport and youth development through technology.

“Having been in existence for more than 100 years, Everest Cricket Club has a legacy in Guyana of successfully turning out international cricketers while at Starr Computers we pride ourselves on helping children with free seminars on career developments, robotics, computer science, renewable energy among other topics to help them ‘to catch the fish’ rather than giving the fish. So this is really for the youngsters to embrace,” Mohan said.

The donation was initiated while Mohan was on a visit to the Camp Road, Georgetown, club on the invitation of President of Everest, Manzoor Nadir.

After the visit, the ‘top men’ agreed that Everest and other youth clubs need to grasp technology to be better able to run their institutions successfully including enhancing membership drive and record keeping.

Nadir told Mohan that Everest was recently more focused on improving the club’s facilities for practice and play but is now focusing on a capital development programme to improve the other facilities.

President of Starr Computers Michael Mohan (left) and President of Everest CC Manzoor Nadir after the presentation

Upon collecting the donation on behalf of the club Nadir expressed sincerest appreciation to Mohan and his trail blazing company and said, “apart from infrastructure, we at Everest have to move the club to the use of information technology to improve efficiency like other social groups and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).”

Nadir stressed that ECC is not only about producing great athletes, but is a centre for community activities and training as was evident at the recently held camp where the participants were engaged in many sport and life changing activities.

A passionate sport fan, Nadir said that the computer will be well utilised more so since he is looking to develop a system where players’ biometrics will be available via software to add another twist to selection to the various teams at Everest.

He said technology will be used to tabulate individual performances which will make the naming of the most prolific players at the end of a season or year much easier.

Meanwhile, Mohan hinted at other donations to the club that he believes is well managed and has a clear vision for the nation’s youths.

To this end, Mohan is extending open invitations for ECC members to visit Starr Computers for field trips where they will benefit from hands-on opportunities with different devices, attend the free seminars and to pick up the valuable platinum membership card which has many rewards including discounts and reduced interest rates on loans at commercial banks.

He is hopeful that young Guyanese will soon understand the importance of technology at the risk being left behind since the world is moving fast.

“In Guyana with the rapidly developing oil and gas industry, the young generation need to develop their technology skills to grab the opportunities and not leave it to the foreigners to take,” the business executive stated.

Nadir also took the opportunity to invite individuals and groups to Everest to enjoy all that the premier sporting and youth development club has to offer.

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