APNU, AFC exchange documents for revision of Cummingsburg Accord


The five-party A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance For Change (AFC) on Monday exchanged documents on the review of the Cummingsburg Accord.

The two sides were expected to meet Monday to begin the revision process. However, the APNU in a short statement said the meeting did not occur and has been set to another date.

“The two sides…will meet at a date fixed after consideration of the documents by their respective leadership,” the APNU said.

The APNU said it is committed to the formation of a Government of National Unity to rid Guyana of winner-takes-all politics.

“A.P.N.U is dedicated to ensuring that our multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society will succeed through respect for the diversity, hard work, thrift and sacrifice of all our citizens,” the party said.

The AFC on August 12 announced that the coalition partners are reviewing the accord which brought them together before the 2015 General and Regional Elections. The process is expected to be completed by September 09.

Both parties have nominated teams to further discuss the amendments to be made to the Accord.

The AFC is led by the General Secretary David Patterson and includes National Executive members Dominic Gaskin and Dr. Vince Adams; the APNU team is led by their General Secretary Joseph Harmon.

Patterson in a recent interview, said the parties will discuss campaign financing and the selection of candidates ahead of the next General and Regional elections.

The AFC noted that a review of the Cummingsburg Accord has engaged the Party’s full attention since 2017.

The Cummingsburg Accord is valid for 60 months.

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