Bank of Guyana warns banks, others not to ask about customer’s political affiliation


The Bank of Guyana has warned all local financial institutions not to ask customers about their political affiliation, saying that if they do they will face action.

“It has come to the attention of the Bank of Guyana that customers have been questioned regarding their allegiance to / affirmation with any political party.

“Please note, the conditions governing the issuance of your license do not include ascertaining the political persuasion of any customer,” the Bank said in a letter to all financial institutions, including money transfer agencies, cambios, and insurance companies and brokers.

The Bank warned the institutions to ensure that in the course of conducting business, customers are not subjected to matters unrelated to their specific transactions(s).

“Failure to comply with the… directive shall result in appropriate action being taken by the Bank,” the Bank of Guyana stated.

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