Farmer stabbed to death; one in custody


Police in ‘B’ Division are investigating the fatal stabbing of Springlands, Corriverton resident that occurred in the wee hours of Monday.

Dead is Nigel Leslie Matthews called “Tobby”, a 49 year old poultry and cash crop farmer of Lot 14 Springlands, Corriverton whose body was found with several stab wounds at around 03:00hrs on Monday at Rampoor Village, Corriverton, Berbice.

The News Room was reliably informed that one suspect has been arrested and a hunt is on for two others.

Mathews’ friend, Malcom Hernandez, told the media that at around 22:00hrs on Sunday, Mathews left his home indicating that he will return in half of an hour

Hernandez said when the time passed, he went on the road to purchase food hoping to see Mathews but there was no sign of him.

“I was on the road till two this morning then I come home and lie down around 3 am his niece called saying she heard someone [stab] him up at…a shortcut in Rampoor,” Hernandez said.

He explained that he along with family members of the deceased went to the scene and found him lying in front of an abandoned house, while his bicycle was found a short distance away.

“I went close to he and when I feel he I say oh no! This man dead, my friend dead! His body cold cold. So I just back away and we called the Police,” he added.

The Police arrived at the scene a short while after and the body was transported to the Skeldon Hospital and an investigation was launched.

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