Competitive nature ‘drives’ Andrew King to succeed


By Akeem Greene

Andrew King

At the age of 61, Andrew King still has every bit of youth when he steps into his iconic Mazda RX-7, starts the engine and then more of than not, produces a driving masterclass.

From August 31 to September 1, Bushy Park Circuit in Barbados will host the two-time defending Caribbean Motor Racing Group 4 Champion for that island’s International Race Meet.

“Motor racing is always a challenge. I am competitive type person going back to my days of athletics in school and swimming. Even though the car may not be up to speed or up to scratch as other cars, I try to win at all costs, all costs being relative to fairness,” King related to News Room Sport.

King, who has been in the sport since 1974, and has been driving his current car since 1998, says the hardest work comes in preparing, but given other drivers have more technologically advanced cars, he has to trust in the work of his mechanical team.

“The last two years, the car has become a lot more reliable than it had been previously. My take on motor racing now is long as I am able to compete and complete races and be competitive I am happy. There was a period of time when the car was breaking down and we were not able to complete races and it was kind of depressing back then, but I am enjoying my motor racing now.”

Kristian Jeffrey and his SR3 Radical will be in competition this weekend

With an estimated lap time of one minute and multiple high speed turns, Busy Park is rated as one of the most challenging circuits and King is eager to return to succeed. Last year, he got a first and third place finish.

“Barbados is very challenging, it is a lot more challenging than Guyana or even Trinidad, I have had some good drives in Barbados, I have had some periods where I did not do well. Overall, it is a fun track and very challenging. On a good day you have your car set up and it handles well, you stand a good chance of doing well.”

Current Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club President Rameez Mohamed will be in action

With 45 years on the track, fans can be assured King has no thoughts of parking. He stated, “As long as I am physically able, it is a break, some time out from regular schedule, as long as I am physically able I will continue racing.”

King will be joined by Rameez Mohamed (Group Two and Three- Honda Civic), Danny Persaud (Group Three and Four- Mazda Miata), Mohan Rangasammy (Group Four- Mazda Rx7) and Kristian Jeffrey (SR3 Radicals).

The Williams Industries International Race Meet will run on the 2.01-kilometre International Circuit, with practice and qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday. The schedule will also include the third round of the Radical Caribbean SR3 Cup, along with races for BPMSI’s own Championship classes.

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