Storm hits Mahdia; roofs blown off, power lines damaged


The town of Mahdia in Region8 was surprised by a gust of high winds Friday about 16:00hrs.

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) stated that the winds lasted for approximately 15 minutes and resulted in the roof of the Mahdia Primary school being blown off while severalpowerlines sustained damages.

(Photo/Kester Craig Facebook)

Reports are that persons also sustained injuries, one of whom was evacuated to Georgetown for medical treatment.

Director General of the CDC, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig in a social media post stated that is CDC is monitoring the current situation.

The Mahdia Primary School (Photo/Kester Craig Facebook)

The High winds have also reportedly caused damages to several other structures in Madhia.

“The Commission is currently awaiting a report of a comprehensive assessment, which is being conducted by Regional officials,” the Director General said.

(Photo/Kester Craig Facebook)

The Director General said once the assessment is done, a team is on standby to be deployed to Saturday September 7.

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