GBTI refutes ‘spurious allegations’


See below full press statement issued by GBTI on Friday:

GBTI takes note of the spurious allegations engineered to further attack GBTI in a gross and unconscionable manner. And that the use of such legislation after so many years is inimical to the interests of justice and smacks of intimidation.

The Bank therefore intends to commence appropriate legal action to vigorously defend itself against these malicious claims.

GBTI has full confidence in the judicial system, and that it will be fully vindicated as per recent false charges which were duly dismissed.

The Bank has been serving Guyana for over 180 years and is regarded as one of the most trusted and loyal banks in the country; the largest indigenous bank in Guyana.

In all its dealings with its many stakeholders, GBTI has always discharged its responsibilities with professionalism and integrity as we continue to hold our tagline with the highest level of standards as “We See Guyana though your eyes”.

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