Two primary schools rebuilt in Region 7


Two communities in Region Seven, Kamarang and Paruima welcomed new school buildings at the weekend to kick start the new academic school year. The two schools together cater for about 400 students.

Minister of State, Dawn Hastings-Williams commissioned the new buildings and noted that three other primary schools in the region are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

For the very first time, a primary school will be constructed in Iteringbang and a special needs school in Bartica.

Pupils of the Paruima Primary School [DPI photo]
“Today we are commissioning two schools in Upper Mazaruni, we commissioned the Kamarang Primary School just before we came over and now we are commissioning Paruima Primary School and hopefully before the year is out, we will be commissioning one in Embaimadai and one at Iteringbang,” the Minister of State said.

The other school is being constructed in Kako, also in Region 7.

Minister of Education Nicolette Henry noted that as children attend school and achieve the requisite knowledge, skills and values which will allow them to graduate, more schools will be built.

“If a community is to improve its economic and social well-being it needs people with the right experience, the right skills set and the right education, so to maximize the benefits for as many generations as possible these facilities must be cared for and maintained,” the Education Minister said.

Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford said in 2017 they experienced heavy floods throughout the region and a decision was taken to construct a new school in Paruima.

The Regional Chairman noted that previous school buildings could not withstand another flood and the new building was constructed on higher ground.

“The school is significant in terms of providing an education to our children, but also we took that decision in mind, that God forbid that we should suffer another flooding and we need shelter if people are to be displaced then we have this very building on a safe and secure ground,” the Regional Chairman said.

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