Fire guts house of Port Mourant farmer


A Farmer of Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant Region 6 is now homeless and contemplating his losses after a fire, which is believed to be electrical in nature, completely destroyed his house.

Deodat Tasso, 41, said he was heading to a nearby shop when someone informed him that his house was on fire at around 17:00hrs.

Deodat Tasso lost everything in the fire

“I didn’t think; I just rushed home and see the place was smoking, some people called the fire service and they tried but couldn’t save the house. It went up real quick,” Tasso told the News Room.

Tasso said he had earlier returned from his farm and went out to sell his produce. He returned home and secured the house before leaving again for the shop.

The house was completely destroyed

Within fifteen minutes of leaving, the house went up in flames and the farmer lost everything.

Meanwhile, the area experienced power outages most of the day and minutes after power was restored, residents said the electricity fluctuated.

They believe that this may have caused the fire.

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