‘We wish we could have early elections’ – AG at meeting with Carter Center


Representatives of the Carter Center met with Attorney General Basil Williams on Wednesday and will meet other stakeholders as the country faces imminent elections following the passage of the December 21 No Confidence motion.

Speaking after the meeting, the Attorney General said the Government wishes it could have early elections but it is waiting on the signal from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Following his meeting with representatives of the Carter Center, which was instrumental in the historic 1992 elections, Williams downplayed suggestions that the Government, through its legal challenges to the No Confidence motion and other methods, has sought to hold on to power and delay the holding of general elections.

“Look, we wish we could have had early elections, you know.

“We are very confident that we have started a transformation in this country that is very well appreciated by the people in this country, and even the people in this (Caribbean) region and the world afar.

“We are very confident of what we have done…,” the Attorney General stated.

The Attorney General repeated the Government’s position that it is the Guyana Elections Commission which is responsible for the elections, and once it is ready the President will announce a date.

Attorney General Basil Williams (right) with representatives of the Carter Center

“GECOM has to be ready. The President has said that ad nauseum. He would like to call the elections tomorrow but he has to be advised by GECOM as to its readiness,” Williams stated.

“We would like early elections. We are very confident with our record…that we would be given the opportunity to continue the good works.”

The Attorney General spoke of his meeting with the Carter Center representatives.

He said: “Well, they obviously are interested in elections and they are also interested in credible elections.

“As I said to them, the Government has nothing whatsoever to do with the conduct of election…that is entirely the remit of GECOM.

“And as the President has said – he wants early election and as soon as GECOM indicates its readiness he will announce a date.”

The Attorney General said the Government was open to having international observers for the impending elections.

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