Golden Grove Secondary gets new $170M building


Teachers and students of the previously cramped Golden Grove Secondary School, East Coast Demerara are now set to benefit from the completion of a $170 million expansion project that provides both students and teachers with enhanced learning facilities and renewed motivation.

The new building was constructed by Ivor Allen Construction Company and took approximately one year to complete before it was officially handed over to Head Teacher Dolores Dublin – Benjamin.

The expansion came as a result of numerous requests made by the Region 4 Regional Democratic Council, parents and senior representatives of the school to past and current governments over the years, according to Regional Chairman Genevieve Allen.

The Golden Grove Secondary School

“The APNU/AFC government has taken education as one of the foremost pillars for the development of Guyana and this is evident today with the construction of this modern educational facility for this region,” said Allen.

Minister of Education Nicolette Henry noted the importance of students being educated in conditions conducive for learning while stating the government’s commitment to improved education systems and facilities.

“Education, my friends, for my Government is not a sideshow – it’s not window dressing – this is real serious business.

“Our current students are the future leaders and therefore they should be groomed and governed to govern with excellence.

“They should be given conditions that are conducive to growth and development,” she stated.

The Head Teacher of the school expressed joy at the acquisition of the new building.

“It took quite a while but we did get the school and today we have 24 classrooms along with a science lab, the biology lab, the chemistry lab and a food and nutrition lab.

“We also have the IT lab, a smart room, a sickbay and a counselling room.

“We have found that the performance of our students has improved due to improve comfort even at our CSEC this year where we have a ten per cent improvement from last year,” she stated.

The Golden Grove Secondary School has been in existence for over 53 years and stands as one of the longest standing schools in Region 4.(DPI photos)

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