‘Worried’ Roger Khan returns to Guyana tonight


Convicted drug trafficker Roger Khan is scheduled to return to Guyana onboard a commercial American Airlines flight, his attorney Glenn Hanoman confirmed to the News Room, but Khan is worried charges could be trumped up against him.

Khan is being brought to Guyana under guard by agents of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Hanoman said Khan is expected to be processed as any other deportee. According to Hanoman, the Guyana Government never informed the U.S. Government that Khan is wanted for any criminal offence and so, he [Hanoman] does not expect his client will be arrested.

“He wants to come home, he is anxious to come home,” said Hanoman.

“He is a bit traumatized by the whole experience, but he is worried about becoming a political football, about people fabricating evidence against him and charging him without evidence,” said Hanoman.

The lawyer said that there is “no evidence in any file” against Khan.

Hanoman said he believes the Police will behave professionally and will treat Khan like any other deportee, conforming to the manner by which deportees are to be treated and supervised in accordance with the Prevention of Crime Act.

“He is coming back on a commercial flight with ICE.

“If he was considered to be of a higher profile, he wouldn’t be coming back on a commercial flight,” Hanoman stated.

Khan was nabbed in Suriname in June 2006 and was taken to Trinidad, from where he was picked up by U.S. law enforcement and taken to New York where he was arraigned and charged for drug trafficking.

After a sensational trial, Khan was convicted in 2009.

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