Pregnant woman hospitalised after severe beating by husband


A thirty-three-year-old woman who is five months pregnant is currently hospitalised after she suffered severe injuries from a savage beating at the hands of her partner on Tuesday last.

Swarswattie Etwaroo of Corentyne Berbice remains a patient at a public hospital in the region four days after her husband attacked and beat her about the body with a piece of wood from a fence and a broken branch from a tree.

Etwaroo said she spent some time at a relative’s house after church and while walking home, she noticed her husband charging towards her with the wood.

The distraught woman said the man beat her on the road all the way home; the beating lasted for three hours and Etwaroo managed to escape after he fell asleep in the wee hours of Wednesday.

This is not the first time Etwaroo has suffered at the hands of the abuser.

For the three years they’ve been together, she has lost count of the number of times she was abused.

Etwaroo admits that the domestic abuse cases would reach the courts but she would beg for the cases to be discharged because they have a three-year-old child and the man is main breadwinner.

Etwaroo feels as if she has no other choice but to continue sharing a relationship with the abuser; she is pleading for help.

The man remains in Police custody.

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