Many public servants live in abject poverty; sweeper cleaners endure torture – GPSU President


The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) was hosted at the President’s Official residence, State House, for the Union’s biennial conference.

But that didn’t stop the Union’s President, Patrick Yarde, from castigating the Government for failing to live up to its promises to public servants.

The reality is that many public servants are living in abject poverty.

“There is a cry everywhere for adequate pay.

“At the lowest level there is a desperate plea for a living wage and it must be done,” he declared.

He said that the Union had made its position known to the government but there has been no positive response.

Since two years ago we submitted a document about the necessities people should have and the cost of it and we showed if they have to pay taxes and NIS and all of that what would be the net.

“We have submitted that and we have tested it around with several organisations and people and they said it was more than reasonable.…and you would be shocked to know that at that time it came up to about $124, 000,” Yarde stated.

He said that the Union had written the President on many occasions and the President has responded, copying the responsible ministers to take action but to no avail.

A section of the gathering at the GPSU’s conference [DPI photo]
 Whoever is responsible for advising the government about the adequacy of pay is not merely only out of touch to the needs of workers but I would say unconscionable,” Yarde declared.

In particular, Yarde decried the pay given to sweeper cleaners.

“The torture they endured all these years must come to an end and their matter must be addressed retroactively.

“They have had, like many public servants, to subsidise discharging their duties from grossly inadequate salaries,” he stated.

He said sweeper cleaners have the right to be treated as permanent pensionable public servants.

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