Multiple schoolgirls hospitalised after displaying ‘strange’ symptoms


A group of secondary school girls ages 12 to 15 began experiencing strange symptoms Tuesday at the Dora Secondary School on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway and are currently under observation at the Mckenzie/Linden Hospital.

The News Room was reliably informed that on Tuesday at about 11:00hrs one of the girls was taken to the Long Creek Health Centre after she fainted in school.

According to a source, the child’s mother said she would normally faint and bleed from the nose. The mother linked it to an accident she was involved in when she was younger.

The girl was treated and sent away.

On Wednesday, the same patient and four other girls were yet again taken to the health centre with the same symptoms and were given fluids and sent away.

“They were screaming for their belly and head, running into walls and looking for sharp objects, seeing things and talking things out of their head,” the source said.

Teachers suggested that the hot weather was the reason for the sudden illness.

The News Room understands that the girls showed no signs of dehydration.

Officials from the Health Centre decided to visit the school to determine what was causing the girls to get ill.

The officials checked the school canteen and water source and found nothing unusual.

The News Room was told that when the officials were about to leave, the first five girls along with four others began experiencing the same symptoms and were rushed to the health facility.

About 15 minutes after arriving at the health centre, another group of girls arrived with the same symptoms.

The girls were subsequently taken to the Linden Hospital Complex, where they remain under close observation.

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